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When screw barrel are our pillar products, we also produce machinery parts for our customers for their conveniences, such as

Die head
Extruder head
Screw Tip Assembly
Screw mixer
Share ring
We do customized extrusion screw single screw, the diameter could be from Dia. 14mm to Dia. 500mm.  The length could be as short as 200mm , as long as 10,000mm. 

The screw mixer of ,extrusion screw,single screw takes an important role on the screw plasticizing, various of mixers are available for designing, such as  Moddocks  Mixer, Pineapple Mixer, Spiral Mixer etc. 
We produce also the feeding section for barrel, including the feed housing, feed liner, water jacket
Twin Extrusion screw barrels are vastly produced at our plant since 1990s.

Some sizes include 67/22, 68/25,114/32, 92/28, 92/32, 114/32, 90/16, 90/22, CM80,40KK, 75/32, 81/17, CM58; 24/52, 45/90, 45/100, 50/105, 51/105, 55/110, 55/120, 58/124, 60/125, 65/120, 65/132, 68/143, 70/135, 70/140, 75/150, 80/143, 80/156, 92/188, 105/216, 110/220
Single barrels are widely used in both extrusion and injection moulding machines. EJS has been producing single barrels for many years with customers nationally and internationally.
There are hundreds of factories producing screw barrels, most of them are making single screw barrels. EJS produces both twin screw barrels as well as single screw barrel, especially single screw barrel for extrusion.
For years, our factory has been on the top of extrusion screw barrel export business, with many leading machine brands from west to the east.
Twin Parallel Screw Barrel are widely used for large capacity extruder. Each year, EJS produces thousands sets of Twin parallel screw barrels sets for export. They serve on KraussMaffei , battenfeld-cincinnati, Theysohn extruders etc. all over the world.
The conical twin scrw barrel are widely used on processing granulation, panel, PVC profile, PVC pipe etc.
A large quantity of co-rotating and counter-rotating conical twin screws barrels are produced every year in our factory. We keep some types semi-finished in stock like 55/110, 65/132, which enable us to provide a much shorter delivery time.
Screw element, shaft and barrel section could be customized or designed as per request.
In 2021 our factory produces 36,000 pieces single and twin screw barrel with sales amount 47 million US dollars while single screw barrel is up to 10million US dollars,for worldwide customers machine builders as well as end users including United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom etc., on Extrusion screw barrel, Injection screw barrel, in nitriding treatment or bimetallic alloy coated.

Founded in 1992, our factory grew out from a small workshop of twin conical screw barrels production to 400 full-time employees and 40 000㎡ with 21 workshops by 2021. This year another plant is under construction to catch up the growing demand from recent and future customers.



                                                                                                                      E.J.S MISSION
                                                                                                                      To make your screw barrel business Easier with Joys and Success!
                                                                                                                      Emphasize details, pursue excellence.
                                                                                                                      Keep communicating, keep focusing, keep cooperating, keep improving.
                                                                                                                      We stand behind the parts we produce and provide long term support for our products.

If quality is critical, you can count on EJS.
We have the energy and capability to meet your needs, whatever screw barrels youre looking for and wherever you maybe.

We look forward to working with you now and forever.
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