YOU are being WATCHED!

watch out scam emails, a reminder from E.J.S INDUSTRY CO., LTD
This is a reminder about PAYMENT!
Scams are always there, were always told not to click the strange links for any curious reason.
Yesterday somebody faked our address (, while our address is and sent emails to our customer for payment.
PLEASE NOTE our bank information has NOT changed.

PLEASE DO NOT pay anybody when you receive NEW bank information from anybody.
When it happens, email or call the right person for the verification.

EJS will send you official letter with company stamp AND make phone call when a bank account changes.

Here come full emails for reference:
Please be informed that our usual bank account is on fiscal audit and our head of finance department advises that no payment should be remitted to our old bank account until the end of the next month. Can you please process the payment to our business account in the United Kingdom so we won't have any delay.

Please kindly advise so I will forward our business account to you.
With best wishes
Hardy LIU
Later they sent in new bank information with our invoices:
Hello ****,
Please take careful note that with immediate effect the bank account that you remit your payments has changed. Please could you therefore make all future payments to the bank account details below.

Bank name           :-  Barclays Bank UK PLC
Bank address       :-  1 Churchill Place, London E14 5HP
Beneficiary Name :-  E.J.S INDUSTRY CO., LIMITED
IBAN #                   :- GB40BUKB20268643898520  


Please attach payment confirmation .
With best wishes
Hardy LIU
They used our signature, their email is just right after ours, the timing is all correct, it’s quite dangerous!

Please stay alert!

AND EJS Sales is available at ANY hours when you have doubts on payment information, do not be shy to ask for confirmation. Thank you.