EJS Request

Dear EJS customers:

We’re experiencing a very different summer here this year;

If there was another planet, we would be willing to go and stay until the virus is completely disappeared, until our earth is good and healthy again.

Please keep cool and stay well.

We are always concerned about YOU.

EJS always prays YOU Everlasting Joys and Safeness, EJS always does their best to make your screw barrel business Easier with Joys and big Success.

Here comes a fast view of EJS:

Contact Ms. Hardy at Mobile/WhatsApp +86 181 5820 3739 or sales@ejschina.com
Ideal Partners  Extruder machine builders
√ Injection moulding machine builders
√ Screw barrel producers
√ Plastic & Rubber Machine end-users
√ Plastic & Rubber machine dealers and agents
Year of Birth 1992
Place of Birth Ningbo, China
Major Single & Twin screw barrels
Minor Screw tip assembly, Screw elements, mould, extruder parts
Graduated from Happy Customers with repeat growing orders from world-leading machine builders + early screw barrel producers in Europe & America
Experiences 2010~ now and future Bimetallic screw barrels, single and twin
2006~ now and future Export started, single and twin
2000~ now and future Parallel Twin screw barrels
1992~ now and future Conical twin screw barrels & Single screw barrels
Award 2020: 38m(USD)
2019: 32m(USD)
2018: 18m(USD)
2017: 10m(USD)
Phylosophy Quality is in every detail.
Keep communicating, Keep  focusing, Keep cooperating, Keep improving.
Goal Make your screw barrel business Easier with Joy and big Success.

To know more about EJS, here we'd like to show you WHAT the big things we do when we receive a request from you:

1. After reception of customer inquiry:

  • EJS checks the feasibility of production, including material, dimensions, tolerances, surface treatment etc.;
  • EJS makes the price quote, including unit cost, shipping terms, lead-time, price validity, warranty etc.
  1. After reception of the official order from the customer:
  • EJS prepares the invoice for the down-payment(Commercial Invoice or Proforma Invoice), with lead-time, bank information included;
  • Customer proceeds the payment and sends the payment proof;
  1. After reception of down-payment:
  • EJS starts to prepare production drawings for workshops against customer drawings;
  • EJS sends the drawing to customers for confirmation;
  1. After confirmation of drawings:
  • EJS starts production of the order.
  1. Before shipping:
  • EJS informs the customer about the production status frequently;
  • EJS completes the production and quality inspection;
  • EJS sends in Packing List, Material Report, Treatment Report, Product Photos, Inspection Report;
  • EJS sends in prepaid transportation cost for comparison(if requested);
  • EJS sends in (revised) invoice for balance payment;
  • Customer proceeds the payment and sends the payment proof;
  • Customer provides forwarder information and document request.
  1. After reception of balance payment:
  • EJS arranges the transportation as agreed/requested;
  • EJS sends the shipping documents for customs, including airway bill, packing list, commercial invoice.
  1. After reception of the goods
  • Customer does the quality inspection and provides feedback;
  • EJS takes corrective actions in case an issue occurs.
AND this is ONLY a new beginning of our bigger future!