Planet Multi-Screw and Barrel

Planet Multi-Screw and Barrel

  • Model NO. Planet Multi-Screw and Barrel
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Basic Information
Product Description

Planetary screw is able to perform serveral times better on plastification, homogeneity, output and self-cleaning.

When big output like 500~5000kgs/h is essential to your factory, or you are preferring less or easier machine maintainance; or your customers are criticial on plasticizing quality, or a longer lifetime is expected, planetary screw barrel is a great option.

Popular sizes icnlude Ø125, Ø138, Ø150, Ø170, Ø190, Ø220, Ø250, Ø300, Ø355.

1.About E.J.S.
EJS is a newly created brand name for Export business with manufacturing experiences since 1992.
Our mission is to make the screw barrel import work Easier withJoy and bigger Success for our customers internationally.

2.Product Details
1) Base materials
Our common materials include 42CrMo(4140Steel), 38CrMoAlA(1.8509), 31CrMoV9(1.8519), 34CrAlNi7(1.8550), 40Cr, 45Steel,
SS304, SS416, SKD11, SKD61,. Other materials are possible, please contact us for further details.

2) Surface treatments
Including: quenching & tempering, nitriding, hard chrome-plated, bimetallic alloy coating, through hardened.

Bimetallic Barrels
Alloy TypeEJS01 AlloyEJS02 AlloyEJS03 AlloyEJS04 Alloy
Alloy ComponentsFe+Ni+Cr+B
(Fe:65, Ni:14, Cr8, B:3.5)
(Ni:50, Wc:15~35,Cr:6~8, B:2.5~3.2)
Wearing Resistance★★★★★★★★★★★★
Corrosion Resistance★★★★★★★★★★★
Alloy Thickness2-3mm1.5~2mm1.5~2mm1.5~2mm
HardnessHRC 58~65HRC 50~58HRC 55~60HRC 55~65
Temperature Range≤400≤450≤450≤600
Coefficient ThermalRT~250ºC11.0x10-611.0x10-611.5x10-611.0x10-6
Range of Workable Length700mm~3000mm/piece
Base Steel Vastly Used40Cr, 42CrMo
Mark in the list: ★★★★ Excellent; ★★★ Very Good; ★★Good

Bimetallic Screws
Suitable forSingle Screw, Twin Parallel Screw, Twin Conical Screw
Alloy TypeNi60Colmonoy 56Colmonoy 83
Alloy ComponentsNi+Cr+Fe+Si
(Ni:65, Cr:17, Fe:15, Si:5)
(Ni: 68, Cr:18, Si:5, Fe:5)
(Ni:40, Wc:34, Cr:20, C:2)
Anti-Wearing Level★★★★★★★★★★
Anti-Corrosion Level★★★★★★★★★★★★
Alloy Thickness1~1.5mm1~1.5mm1~1.5mm
HardnessHRC 56~62HRC 46~61HRC 43~48
Applied Glass FiberUnder 10%
Range of Workable LengthAny length needed
Base Steel Vastly Used38CrMoAl(1.8509), 34CrAlNi7(1.8550), 31CrMoV9(1.8519)
Mark in the list: ★★★★ Excellent; ★★★ Very Good; ★★Good

3.E.J.S Workshop

4.EJS Bimetallic Machine

1) New PTA welding mahine for screws:


2) Centrifugal casting machine for barrels

5. Quality Inspection
We take only first-class steel and check every production procedure to ensure every dimension is produced precisely. A final complete inspection will be executed before dispatch.

We use strong plywood or wooden case for all our products

7.Our Advantages

1) Quality always comes first. Our experienced workers pay attention to every tiny procedure during the production and inspection, to ensure the precision of every dimension.

2) Service makes us outstanding. Our sales people are trained on the products every day. They are always ready to answer your questions and offer the best solutions in fluent English at any time.

3) Provide an easier working way. With 6 years export experience, we E.J.S offer before-sales, prouction update, after-sales one stop service, which gives all our customers an easier way to work with us. We welcome you to visit our factory at any time.

8.Our market
Through years of developing, we have happy customers all over the world with main market in Europe, South America, Asia, Middle East, ect.
We look forward to working with you now and forever!