Rubber Injection Molding Screw Barrel

Rubber Injection Molding Screw Barrel

  • Model NO. Rubber Injection Molding Screw Barrel
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Basic Information
Product Description

We produce rubber injection molding screw barrel per drawing or per some machine brands or codes. All accessory parts are available

Bore Diameter Available

Pin Rubber Screw Barrels:¢75mm~¢200mm

Cold/Hot feed rubber screwbarrel:¢65mm~¢650mm

Materials Available for Base Steel

38CrMoAl(1.8509), 34CrAlNi7(1.8550), 31CrMoV9(1.8519), 40Cr, 42CrMo, SKD61, SS304

Range of Working Length

Bimetallic Screws: 10 meters long max;

Niriding Screws: 10 meters long max

Niriding Barrels: 10 meters long max

Surface Treatment

Bimetallic, Nitriding, Through-hardened, Chrome-Plated

Surface Roughness


Surface Straightness


Thickness of Bimetallic Layer

Bimetallic Screws: 1.0~1.5mm;

Bimetallic Barrels: 2.0~3.0mm

Thickness of Nitriding Layer


Where are rubber injection molding screw barrel usually used?

Shim and cable
Rubber profile  
Rubber sheets
Rubber flooring  

What are the top concerns for the materials selection when we purchaserubber injection molding screw barrel?

The material for rubber injection molding screw barrel must be:
Anti-high temperature;
High strength to work with high torque and high speed;
Good cutting performance;
The relief and the thermal deformation is small after heat treatment.

The material for rubber injection molding screw barrel include:
38CrMoAlA (DIN1.8509)
42CrMo ( AISI4140)
Stainless steel 304