Extrusion Parts

Extrusion Parts

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Basic Information
Product Description

When screw barrel are our pillar products, we also produce machinery parts for extruders to make our customers work easier, such as

Die head
Extruder head
Screw Tip Assembly
Screw mixer
Share ring
and other machinery parts.

Please feel free to contact your Sales Representative for the possibilties.

machinery parts are small and easily to be ignored, however machinery parts play a big job in machines.
Without machinery parts, your machine might be down, make no work, or less work.

In China, machinery parts are usually produced in different areas according to the machines related.
If you have such demand of machinery parts, besides screw barrel, come to Zhoushan, work with E.J.S.

Who is EJS?
EJS is a newly created brand name for Export business in 2012.
As a professional manufacturer of screws & barrels since 1992, we have no LOGO for international markets until EJS was born, which is our mission to make customers importing workEasy, Joy with a bigger Success.

How can we find EJS?
You can easily find us by:
Email:          sales@ejschina.com
Skype:          ejsscrew
Export Office Line:0086-574-8306-5911
Mobile:                   0086-137-3615-8017

You’re very welcome to visit us at:
Export Office:      Hualian Building, 55 Dongdu Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Factory address:Xihou Industry Zone, Jintang Town, Zhoushan, China

Also you can meet us face to face at our exhibition booth worldwide.

What make EJS outstanding from others?
EJS is made up of a team of staff who is passionate, serious and caring. From the staff recruitment, we select the people very strictly, because we believe the real difference between one company and the others is PEOPLE.