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When working with suppliers overseas is challenging, EJS was born to make your screw barrel business Easy Joy with a big Success.

Since 1992, our factory has been dedicated into production of screws and barrels. Through years of developing, a wide range of products are available now:

  • Parallel Twin Screw Barrel
  • Conical Twin Screw Barrel
  • Extrusion Screw Barrel
  • Injection Moulding Screw Barrel
  • Rubber extruder Screw barrel
  • Extruder Parts

With different surface treatment, their lifetime will be different, popular treatments include bimetallic, nitriding, hard chrome-plated, through hardened.

screw barrel manufacturer ejs| workshops of conical screws, our first business from the beginning screw barrel manufacturer ejs| whenever you come to our factory, you'll be amazed about screw barrels we make

When you work with EJS, you will have:

  • Up to 40000m² production area;
  • More than 400 skilled full time workmates;
  • Over 300 equipments, domestic and imported, semi-automatic or fully automatic
  • 10 experienced full time technical engineers;
  • Quality-oriented mind
  • 6 export sales with fluent English for easy communication
  • Customized VIP services

In a word, when you work with EJS, EJS is YOURS, our knowledge, our expertise, our experiences.

In 2021, E.J.S produces single and twin-screw barrel with sales amount of 47 million US dollars, while single screw barrel up to 10million US dollars, around 36000 pieces screw barrels were produced for OEM and end user customers worldwide, such as United States, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, United Kingdom etc.
In 2022, another new plant will be ready to serve, we hope to help our customers and grow our customers more and better. We believe this is the only good way for our better future.

Currently, our customers are easily seen in below areas:

  • PVC - Building, Civils and Sheet
  • Flexible and Rigid Pipe Profile and Tube
  • Wire and Cable – Insulation and sheathing
  • Rubber Profile, Hose, Tyre and Preform
  • Silicone Micro Bore Tubing, Tube and Profile
  • Plastics Compounding – Single and Twin Screw
  • Blown Film
  • Injection Moulding
  • Blow Moulding
  • Reprocessing and Recycle Plastics
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Agricultural


To make your screw barrel business Easier with Joys and Success.

screw barrel manufacturer ejs| screw barrel for plastic machine, screw barrel for rubber machine|EJS has been producing screw barrel for plastic machine since 1990s screw barrel manufacturer ejs|screw barrel for plastic machine has been produced at our EJS factory every day, and they can be seen every where.

screw barrel manufacturer ejs|screw barrel for plastic machine, screw barrel for rubber machine|packing is also part of quality, we take care of your goods, from the very begiining, no finishing line


Emphasize Details, Pursue Excellence

Keep Communicating, Keep Focusing, Keep Cooperating, Keep Improving,

We stand behind the parts we produce and provide long term support for our products.

EJS is outstanding among hundreds of screw barrel manufacturers in China.

Right now our happy customers are all over the world, from Europe, Middle East, Asia to America in different fields.

If quality is critical, you can count on EJS.

We have the energy and capability to meet your needs, whatever screw barrels you’re looking for and where you may be.

We look forward to working with you now and forever.

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